A general overview of the semester. This is subject to change and we may not reach all of the course topics planned at the beginning of the semester. Readings/objects for specific topics will be posted to the course content pages.

Part 1 - Linear Regression

  1. Review / Exploring univariate and multivariate distributions
  2. Introduction to statistical software
  3. Simple linear regression / correlation
  4. Ordinary least squares estimation
  5. Inference for linear regression
  6. Multiple linear regression
  7. Statistical assumptions for regression

Part 2 - Regression Special Cases

  1. 2-group designs (i.e., 2-sample t-tests)
  2. More than 2 group designs (i.e., ANOVA)
  3. Nonlinear effects of quantitative predictors
  4. Interaction effects

Part 3 – Special Topics (as time permits)

  1. Chi-square for association and independence
  2. Dichotomous Attributes as outcomes